During their studies in Germany, our Alumni gathered great experiences and a lot of impressions. For us, they summarized their time in Germany in a few words.

DAAD Alumni bei seiner PhD Abschlussfeier.
For engineering, there is no other place to compare with Germany; Germany is the top of others.

Boonyang, Paderborn and Kassel, 1999-2005

DAAD Alumni am Lernen in Dresden
More important than knowledge is the vision and the concept of self- and social development in a sustainable way. These are the most exceptional things I got as a DAAD scholarship holder.

Kanokwan, Dresden, 2011-2013

DAAD Alumni in Rapsfeld
Germany is my best out-of-comfort-zone experience! I tried, I failed, I succeeded, I lost, I learnt, I made a hundred friends. Many thanks to DAAD.

Malinee, Dessau, 2014-2016

DAAD Alumni am Strand in Deutschland
Living in Germany has given me a chance to fall in love with cultural variety, not only from German fellow students but also from those coming from different countries and languages from different parts of the world.

Nipaporn, Passau, 2014-2016

Abschlussfeier DAAD Alumni
The experience I gained through my stay in Germany is one of the most valuable experiences in my life.

Phiangphak, Göttingen, 2011-2013

DAAD Alumni im Atellier
Studying in Germany taught me how to be myself, speak for myself while respectfully listening to others

Puangsoi, Bremen and Hamburg, 2014-2016

DAAD Alumni in Kassel
Studying in Germany gave me a broader view of the world and valuable experiences, which helped me to become more responsible, open-minded, well-organized and self-disciplined.

Supaporn, Brandenburg and Cottbus, 2005-2008

DAAD Alumni in Heidelberg
Studying in Germany was a life-changing experience. It opened up new perspectives on both academic and real life.

Wanisa, Nürtingen, 2014-2016

Make Germany your success!